About InTheMixRadio

Like us, music is your passion. A single song can incite powerful emotions within you … you connect with the words, the melody, the instruments. But over time, even those songs you sing along with and play again and again can become stale and lose their appeal. Once again you're searching -- yearning for -- something new and fresh to bring back to that emotional musical impact.

You want something more than what mainstream radio has to offer -- and In the Mix Radio is the answer to those prayers. Our DJ's know their listeners well and scour the globe to bring you the best of the best. Even the pickiest music enthusiast will find something to groove to.

You'll hear everything from Hip Hop to House to Glitch to Bhangra -- even Talk Radio. No filler music, EVER. In the Mix Radio gives gifted artists a creative arena to take music to its limits and music lovers a place of refuge.

Our goal is to remain in a constant state of evolution -- growing creatively without losing sight of our mission: to challenge the status quo with exceptional caliber music you can't find anywhere else. We ARE the alternative.

Our passion shines through in the pedigree of our music and products. But don't take our word for it, listen for yourself.

In the Mix Radio is the voice of the artist, the music lover, the visionary … it's the voice of YOU.

A special thanks to Urban Umpires Unlimited, Urban Umpires members, affiliates, DJ's, artists, and music lovers who make our movement possible. Your creativity and dedication is our fuel.